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Is your website looking a little… dated? Do you cringe every time the homepage loads? Are you frequently looking at other sites and wishing yours looked even half as good? 



Optimize Your Website’s Performance Have you invested too much time and money into promoting your site without getting the search engine traffic you were promised and expecting? If your rankings are in the toilet, a full-court press 243-step SEO rankings and website performance audit will get rid of the stink. Every year, we add more features to our proprietary website performance audit. Don’t settle for one Screaming Frog report when you can get the whole kit and kaboodle audit for the same price. Here at Grow My Security Company – digital marketing company and Digital Marketing for Security Company, we offer complete digital marketing services. 

On-Page Elements. If your content or coding is affecting rankings, our tests will tell you what to fix. 

Performance. We do a deep dive at testing page loading speeds and image compressions. 

Linking Issues. We look for broken, toxic, and internal links and advise on backlinks to acquire. 

Site Architecture. How are your pages organized so Google can easily index and categorize your content? 

Content Development. Ensure you have original, keyword-rich content, properly coded online. 

Mobile Experience. We validate your coding architecture using Google Lighthouse and other tools.

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