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Our PR services help you get the right message out to the right audience, in exactly the right way. Our team is skilled in managing & executing PR plans across all platforms. We have access to unlimited reach of media outlets.


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It’s always better to be a big client in a small agency, than a small client in a big agency. At Grow My Security Company – your complete digital marketing company for security company, we focus on you. Our influential Public Relations and Press Release marketing industry professionals are passionate about – and personally dedicated to – building each and every brand we represent.

Our campaigns are strategic and proactive and designed to capitalize on the unique narrative of your brand and digital marketing services to ensure you’re everywhere you need to be to build coveted awareness and impact your bottom line.

We’re not a firm that offers everything, but doesn’t specialize in anything; we only offer services within the areas we are experts in and know we will make you shine. For everything else, we work with trusted partners, also experts in their fields. Every client is different, and every campaign requires a one-of-a-kind approach.

We create award-winning activations and events that create buzz and drive consumer interest, influencer engagement, and positive media coverage for our client brands. From brand launches to crisis communications and everything in between, Grow My Security Company is your one-stop shop digital marketing services for high-profile awareness that translates into results you can measure.

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